Football Clubs’ History Trivia

You know how sometimes you are hit with “Here’s a funny story”, or “You won’t believe this happened”? History is full of stories like that. Whether it is people that did something stupid or an event that no one could have predicted, the past regales us time and time again using tales that perfectly present the human condition.

The world of sports also has a fair share of anecdotes, quirks, and tragedies from the past. We are going to talk about some of the clubs that have an interesting history.

The First

The first football club in the world is the Sheffield Football Club. It was founded in 1857, and it still stands. It came about when two members of a Sheffield cricket club decided they wanted to make a club specifically to address some of the footy rules. Three years later, they have their first rival – Hallam. Two years after that, there were 15 clubs in the area.

149 Goals

There is a football club in Madagascar that knows how to organize a protest. On 31 October 2002, SO l’Emyrne faced another Malagasy club called AS Adema to decide who wins the national championship. This was their stage to protest the previous game, which effectively knocked them out of the championship, because a ref awarded a late and shady penalty to the opposing team, DSA Antananarivo, ending the match in a draw.

SO l’Emyrne scored 149 goals against itself, leading to a score of 149-0. The audience was so angry, they demanded refunds. While the ref in question wasn’t punished, several players on both teams were suspended or warned.

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening Me

In October 1998, there were accusations of black magic being used to win a football match against the Bena Tshadi in Congo. Why? Well, during the match with the Basangana, the entire team of Bena Tshadi was struck by lightning and killed. This is neither the first, nor the last instance of lightning and other elements seriously injuring and killing players, but this was the first time an entire team was wiped out.


The craziest football club history goes to Torino. On May 4, 1949, the entire football team (31 people) died in a plane crash. The event was called the Superga air disaster. The Italians were so freaked out that they didn’t use the plane for the next game, but a boat, resulting in bad performance and the decline of fitness levels.

This is not the only time the club suffered. In 1967, Attilio Romero killed the start player of Torino, Gigi Meroni, in a car crash. Curiously enough, Romero took over the team in 2000 and led it to bankruptcy in 2005.

I Have a System

Barbados faced against Grenada for the 1994 Carribean Cup qualifications. A tie would summon the golden goal rule, and the goal would be worth twice what it normally does. Barbados needed two goals to qualify or to win by a difference of two goals. Because the score was 2-1 for Grenada, Barbados scored a goal against themselves in minute 87. To win, Grenada needed to score a goal against Barbados or their own team, so Barbados players defended both goals. In overtime, Barbados scored the winning goal and qualified for the Cup.

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