How Companies Advertise During Sporting Events

Professional sport has seen a surge in revenues in the last couple of decades since companies perceive it as a chance to promote their products to the viewers and spectators during the games. The commercial aspect of sports is undeniable, and both teams and players have benefits from it by signing lucrative sponsorship deals that are worth billions of dollars, and so do online marketers who offer stuff like Nairabet Affiliate Code 2020.

There are many ways in which companies achieve their goals as far as marketing is concerned, so here you are going to see a couple of them and learn more about their impact.

Logos on Jerseys

Looking at the jerseys of soccer players around the world, many of them feature names of airline companies, casinos, and other corporations that recognize the potential of having their names printed on jerseys worn by some of the biggest stars in soccer. People watching the game either at the stadiums or at home will definitely notice those signs and the gaudy logos. Also, buying jerseys of your favorite players and wearing them will make you a promoter of a brand.

Commercials During Halftime Shows

The time sequence between two halves of a game is reserved for spectacular shows, and no other halftime show can rival that of the Super Bowl. The final game of the NFL competition is one of the most-watched games in the USA, with around 100 million people in front of the TV screens. During the halftime show, companies pay billions of dollars for a chance to air their commercials and attract the audience into buying their products or services.

Sponsoring the Olympic Games

The single biggest sporting event in the world is the Olympic Games. Scheduled to happen every four years, the Olympic Games gather perennial star athletes in more than 40 sports and disciplines, making it quite a breeding ground for advertising.

Sponsoring the Olympic Games requires substantial means that only a few companies can afford, but the profit that gets collected after the games makes the investment worth every penny. Jumbo screens and flashing banners around the courts and pitches are graced with signs and logos of the sponsor, followed by the commercials that are aired during timeouts and intermissions. Considering the fact that around 3.6 billion people in the world watched the London 2012 Summer Olympiad, it does not take much to understand why companies fight so fiercely to sponsor the games.

Freebies and Samples

Food and drinks companies often choose the strategy of giving out freebies and samples of their products during the games. If we think about sports that are played outside in the scorching sun during summer, it is essential that both the spectators and players remain hydrated.

Giving out free samples of refreshments is a good strategy to advertise their product. People will be seen carrying around the bottles and cans of the product which might catch the attention of others and make them want to know more about it.


It seems almost impossible to separate the commercial success of sport in general and the companies that stand behind that success with their advertising strategies. TV commercials, logos, and brands popping on your screen are some of the most common ways of advertising during sporting events which continue to attract our attention with details and great offers.

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