How Important is Social Presence for Athletes?

Isn’t it great that we can use the internet for so many fun things, such as betting online with 888sport Promo Code and posting on social media? Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been crucial for famous athletes to gain more followers and fans. But why do athletes need social presence? Let’s dig deeper into this question.

Making money

Social media is a great way to get paid. When you use social media, you can make money in multiple ways. You can get paid for sponsorships, endorsements, and promotions. You can also use social media as a way to do what you love which will lead to more opportunities for income (like fashion blogging). All of these things together help athletes make money through social media because it’s the perfect platform for them to promote themselves and their brand from anywhere at any time! 

Credibility and fame

Social media gives athletes a platform to promote themselves and their brand, which can give them personal credibility and create a fan base. With social media, athletes can build their reputation in the community by sharing their experiences with fans who may have otherwise never been able to see what they do behind closed doors. Social media can also help athletes make money through advertisements or sponsored posts on the platform. For example, professional basketball player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has an estimated net worth of $43 million as of 2019 according to Celebrity Net Worth; however, most of his income comes from endorsements rather than his salary as an athlete (which is roughly $35 million per year). This means that without his Instagram followers he wouldn’t be able to get paid as much for advertising companies looking for someone who appeals directly to younger demographics like himself: someone who talks about family values while wearing their favorite brands!

Why is this important for the industry?

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach a large number of people. An athlete’s social presence allows them to build their personal brand, their team’s brand, and the sport they play. Social media also allows fans to connect with athletes in real-time as well as on a deeper level than ever before.

The industry has seen how social media has helped some brands gain massive exposure, while others have failed miserably at it because they failed to understand how powerful this medium can be for athletes, teams, and sports organizations alike.


By creating a social media account, athletes can connect with fans in a way that was not possible before. Fans are able to get more information about their favorite players and share it with others. This helps build credibility and fame for athletes, which allows them to make money through sponsorships or other endorsements. It’s also important because it increases their visibility as well as their chances of landing bigger contracts with teams next season. Of course, they are also able to reach more people and help good causes because of the social media reach that they have. So in short – yes, a social media presence is crucial for athletes in today’s day and age.

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