Love Football? Take a Look at These Android Apps

Hard-core fans of football are in constant need of activities related to this sport – just like casino lovers from Ukraine often search Додатки для казино в Україні, football fans want to find great apps to satisfy their football cravings. If you’ve just nodded your head, you are probably one of them. The age of technology brings a solution to this inexplicable craving, and it’s located at the point of your finger.

Whether you need results and live scores, betting, or just plain football info – we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at the apps that are themselves a goal enough to win every game.


If you really want to get the kick out of football, BeSoccer is definitely your friend. This free Android app covers all the important leagues, such as Premier League, MSL, and more. Apart from the great overview of matches and individual players, BeSoccer also features various weekly schedules, live stats, commentary, and more. Its secret weapon is called push-notifications that will help you never miss a single game.

Official FIFA App

People who like to keep their eyes on the ball during a football game will be blown away by the ingenuity of the official FIFA App which comes in handy, especially during the big competitions, such as the World Cup. The most recent one in Russia was synced with the app, and its users were able to gain an in-depth insight into upcoming games.

Fifa Soccer Game

Is there a better way to assume the role of your favorite football player than playing a video game? Mobile gaming has come a long way and emerged into the most popular gaming industry in the world. Forget about traditional 2D games since EA Sports developed a brand new engine that makes football games look and feel amazing on smartphones and tablets. Their latest FIFA soccer app features various national teams and football clubs with updated transfers and statistics. It takes time to get used to touch-screen controls, but once you get the hang of it, your skill can only go upward.

Sports Betting Apps

Bettors from all over the world made it clear that betting on the go is what they have always wanted. The convenience of it makes it increasingly popular even among the casual bettors as they can place wagers in just a couple of steps. There are dozens of great sports betting apps for Android, but not all of them are available via Google Play.

Onefootball – Soccer Scores

Onefootball is an app that looks like BeSoccer, but it is fundamentally different from it because its primary focus is on live scores. Football lovers who are looking for a way to follow results from matches all over the world will find Onefootball suitable and easy to use. Detailed information and comprehensive overviews are skillfully combined with an intuitive design that offers the users much more than expected.

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