Newest Training Tech and Equipment

You are no longer in a position where it is okay to play with old clothes and a patched-up football. This time, you will have the latest and greatest equipment available on the market today. We are going to go over football equipment that is used today, as well as some of the technological advances this sport has seen over the recent years. Let’s dive in.

The Latest Tech

Video Ref

The latest technology in the service of avoiding corruption and faulty calls is the video referee. If there is a difficult or controversial decision, the video referee is there to clear things up. This doesn’t mean that we can do away completely with a human referee, at least for now. There are four kinds of decisions that can be called into question. Video ref can help us understand whether goals were legitimate, as well as whether there were any offenses. It is also useful for reviewing penalty kicks and direct red cards. Finally, if there is a suspicion that the wrong player was penalized, the video is brought up.


Footbonaut is a training machine that makes the players work on their passing skills, as well as their precision and the ability to think quickly. It is a ball-feeding machine that shoots the ball towards the player and asks them to pass the ball into a designated area. While this is something that can be achieved by teamwork, the machine works with one player at a time, making it easier to analyze the player’s prowess and faults.


The company has been around since the sixties and has provided sports fans with playgrounds that are not affected by the weather, and still feel like the real thing. They have also found their way into football fields. While people are not sure whether playing on this type of turf is just a fad, the fact that they are around even after half a century should give us a few clues to reach our own conclusion.

The Necessary Gear

Football Boots

There is a difference between the footwear of footballers and the rest of the athletes. Football players wear football boots or cleats, which are sneakers with little spikes on the bottom. They are there to make sure the players have traction, especially on a slippery surface (like the pitch during rain). They are usually short and made of rubber. There is no need for this special type of footwear if you’re into football only recreationally.


Every team has their own design. The uniforms are there to help you out during games where you need to think quickly and are unable to recognize your teammates simply because there isn’t enough time. The uniform for footballers is usually a t-shirt with matching shorts and socks. Like the boots, you don’t need this unless you and your team are joining a league.

Recommended Stuff

To fully embrace the spirit of playing football, there are other things you should consider getting. Shin guards are great for protecting your legs. Unlike rugby, football is not a contact sport, so you should be fine without a cup, but you can still get one if you’re worried. A change of clothes is also a must, as is a set of clothes designated specifically for training. Stay hydrated and bring a towel.

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