Seven Best Football News Sites

Getting the latest news about football is pretty easy –you can read the newspapers, listen to the radio, or talk to your friends who are just as avid fans as you are. However, if you like to get your news online, this list of the best websites where you can find both news and football combined is definitely going to help you.

  1.       Sky Sports

If you want to be the first one to know the news about the latest match results, transfers or injuries, Sky Sports is the website for you. The home page features latest live results, and it is updated with the most recent news practically minute after minute. Sky Sport’s Transfer Centre is a live blog where you can get all the latest transfer gossip and news.

  1.       BBC SPORT

Many people prefer BBC Sport because of their Gossip Column, where the readers can find a lot of up-to-date reports and expert insights. You can also find the latest scores and fixtures, transfers, news about international, Premier League, Scottish Premiership, Championship, European and other teams, as well as the news about both European and international leagues and cups.

  1.       Eurosport

If you are mainly interested in European football, you probably already know about the Eurosport website. Everything related to all the major European leagues can be found on the home page, including the Premier League, the Emirates FA Cup, the League Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA Nations League, La Liga, the Europa League, the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, etc.

  1.       ESPN

ESPN’s football portal features expert opinions, in-detail statistics and exclusive breaking news from the football world and it is updated regularly. You can find all the key games listed by date, editor’s picks, and there is even a Fantasy Football page for all those who want to test their managerial skills.

  1.       The Guardian

Even though the Guardian may not be your first choice for all things football related, after you see what they offer, you might consider changing your mind. The Guardian is certainly a valid and credible source of a variety of news and information, and its sports section featuring football, of course, is no different. It has fantastic writers and trustworthy sources, and never publishes anything without proper verification first.


Dedicated only to football, is an excellent website featuring the latest news and info on today’s matches, as well as the latest updates when it comes to transfers, leagues and cups, live scores, and betting. They have both the UK and international correspondents, bringing you all the relevant info on football while constantly updating their content.

  1.       Yahoo Sports

Another website featuring breaking news, scores, and schedules, and a lot more when it comes to football is Yahoo Sports. Yahoo Sports Experts page contains excellent football-related reads, written by renowned experts in the field, and you can also find all you need to know about the most popular football leagues in the world.

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