The Advantages and Disadvantages of Consumerism in Football – Thoughts

Football is a wonderful game, truly. It is also the most popular sport on the planet, with the biggest number of people either playing it, watching it or betting on it through sites such as Unfortunately, this often means that consumer culture takes away the purity of the game. We want the modern commodities that the globalization provides us with. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that? Bear in mind that this is an opinion piece, so the information in it may not be objective.

Connecting the World

There are several issues in the world that seem to be somewhat rectified to a degree due to the global popularity of football. In spite of racism and nationalism, football teams around the world have players from different nationalities, ethnicities, and creeds. Football has also done a lot for the women. There is a growing number of female players and leagues present, and even athletes from conservative countries are playing the sport. As more and more companies see lucrative investment opportunities, the sport itself gets more funding, which, in turn, causes it to grow and develop.


Having a quality ball, an expensive fragrance, sporting equipment, and selling ad space to the biggest brands in order to generate profit is the inevitable part of the world football scene. While it is true that several football stars use their media spotlight to shift the public focus to certain issues, almost all of them have a brand that they either support or own.

The performance takes a back seat when confronted with a popular brand. The behavior of players off the pitch dictates their price on the market. It doesn’t matter how good a player is, ultimately. If the player is known for racist comments, their value will drop. If they are promoting a brand, their value will rise. Remember, we are talking about human beings. They happen to have a monetary value attached to them like (live)stock.


Consumerism is the idea that we are happier and more successful if we can buy more things and acquire more services. Therefore, even if you are in charge of the well-being of your people and they are starving, you are still considered successful if you have a lot of purchasing power and are able to close a few deals.

In 2014, Brazil was in charge of the World Cup. It tore down the old stadium and erected a new one in its place. This enraged the Brazilian people, as the amount of money invested into this project ($250 million) was thought to be overpriced, especially with Brazil’s struggling economy and the number of people struggling with poverty. A Brazilian street artist painted a mural that sparked controversy, depicting a starving child with nothing to eat but a football.

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