Top 8 Blogs That You Must Follow if You Like Football

Football as we know it is in a constant shift for the better. A part of that ever-changing trend is reserved for blogs about the most popular sport in the world. These game changers brought about the inevitable – a mixture of sports and technology.

They offer us a spectrum of perspectives, analyses, transfer speculations, and news articles about football, which influence not only the fans but the players and managers as well. They have an in-depth overview of the state of affairs in their clubs and football in general.

Take a look at some of the blogs that are highly influential in the football industry. is a comprehensive football blog that hasn’t got any particular focus but covers every aspect of football instead. With more than 16 million Facebook likes and an average of 168 posts per week, they are really on the ball.

101 Great Goals

101 Great Goals got its name from a memorable scene from Trainspotting. The title pretty much reveals what it is all about – the best goals. The count goes way beyond 101 as they publish approximately 84 posts per week, most of which are stunning goals from across the globe. If you like the idea behind 101 Great Goals, feel free to join three million fans on Facebook.

The Peoples Person

The Peoples Person is a Man-Utd-exclusive blog, thanks to which Man Utd fans can gain in-depth insight into the latest transfer news, match analyses, statistics, and day-to-day coverage related to the Red Devils. The Peoples Person is the most popular blog that pays attention to one club and one club only.

Talk Chelsea

Chelsea enjoys huge international popularity that is embodied in millions of active users all over the world. The majority of them visit Talk Chelsea on a daily basis so as to be informed about the latest news regarding the club.

This is Anfield

Liverpool might not be the most popular club in the world, but the fans continue to display tremendous support and affection towards it. This is Anfield is a 17-year-old site that gathers around thousands of fans worldwide that never let their club walk alone.

Arse Blog

Where’s Liverpool, there’s Arsenal. Arse Blog gathers round the biggest Gooners around the globe and supplies valuable info about their beloved club. What makes it stand out from the crowd is an excellent podcast that the fans can enjoy two times per week.


With more than 160 weekly posts on average, Soccerlens offers a unique perspective on football that will not only inform you about the latest events but also stimulate your brain cells and provoke your opinion.

Soccer News

Judging by the name, one could tell that Soccer News is not targeted to the European audience. If you happen to be an American citizen who loves soccer (however improbable that may be), this is an outstanding platform to follow the latest news. Furthermore, it features a live score and betting sections where you can test your luck and your knowledge of football.

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