Top Two Football Manager Games

Football is undoubtedly the king among sports; billions of people around the world watch football, and many of them even like to go online and bet on their favorite teams with เบท365 รหัสโบนัส. The sport is so popular, that there are many games that simulate the football experience – both from the perspective of the players and the perspective of the manager. For those who like to think they can make the best football team out there, the list of games to simulate football managerial skills is endless. Here are the two top-ranked ones.

  1. Football Manager 2019

This game brings all the fun of the most popular sport in the world better than any other game. The latest edition, 2019, has all brand-new features and enhanced mechanics which enable the players to control their teams in unique and fresh ways, thus creating an even greater background story.

Two key areas of Football Manager – tactics and training – have received substantial attention in this edition. The tactics creator was upgraded so that it can reflect all the innovations that the game has seen, and the training module has been changed entirely.

The tactics creator has a brand-new style and a variety of new instruction options, whereas the training module is now created to mimic the professional game, has new sessions and schedules giving the player more control when developing the squad in training sessions or preparing for the next fixture.

Even though Football Manager has been around since 2004, those who are new to the game can get to know the ins and outs using an introductive, interactive tutorial featuring the fundamentals of managing a football team and tips on how to become the best in the game.
Fans of the Bundesliga will be thrilled to know that all 36 teams playing in it are licensed, including the official logos, player faces, kits, and trophies.

For the first time, the game features VAR and goal-line technology, feedback from agents in transfer negotiations, improved pre-match briefings, and much more.

  1. Fantasy Premier League

EA Sports is behind the official fantasy platform for the Premier League. Signing up is free, and players can compete with their friends in private leagues throughout the season. Additionally, players can participate in leagues against millions of other managers (there are reportedly more than five million players who play the game every year).

First, you sign up and create your team. You get to pick 15 players, with 11 playing during each game week and four serving as reserves. All players come with a price, and your budget is 100 million. Once a week, a transfer can take place, and if you want additional transfers, they cost you four points. Once each half season you get to use a wildcard chip to get unlimited transfers without any cost for a week.

The scores are determined based on the performances by players in actual games. Top three players who perform the best in each game get bonus points.

The transfer feature is particularly interesting as it gives the managers the opportunity to organize their teams as they wish. The value of the players changes during the season so making the right decisions on a weekly basis is extremely important, and we must also not forget the importance of making the right transfers.

To make playing the game more convenient, EA Games made Fantasy Premier League apps available for Android and iOS platforms, as well. 

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