Unbelievable Football Gadgets

The technology of the football world is constantly advancing. A betting bonus, for example, is a relatively new concept that allows people who like sports betting to bet with even more fun. Similarly, people who love playing football have various gadgets to help them practice and get better at it. It is not enough to just rely on the players’ raw talent and secret training techniques. Sometimes, you need the exact info on the speed and power of the kick, as well as some tools that make training sessions easier and/or more effective. The machines are taking over to up the stakes and we’ve come across several gadgets that are worth your time.


MiCoach comes from Adidas and is a smart ball. That’s right, in the world of smart devices, it was just a matter of time before one of them turned out to be a football. But, what does it do?

It has Bluetooth, which it uses to connect to other smart devices to give you all the data you need regarding the speed, strength, and angle of your kicks. This info will certainly prove to be invaluable to anyone who wants to improve the game, though the company has no problem with putting a price on it – it’s around $200.

Training Mask

This product hails from the British Isles. It is essentially a breathing mask that, apart from making you look like a supervillain, is there to facilitate your breathing during particularly strenuous activities (like jogging in the mountains to work on your fitness). While this isn’t technically a football gadget, it is perfect for training sessions where you need to train yourself to breathe properly, even when you’re at your limit. Depending on the type of mask you want, their website offers several varieties from around $25 to $50.

Zepp Soccer Tracker

Have you ever wanted to get your own stats after a match, as you do in video games? Well, look no further! The Zepp Soccer Tracker is a sensor inside a calf sleeve that measures your speed, number of kicks and the distance that you’ve run. That’s not all, as it will give you the info on the number of goals you’ve scored and your team’s statistics. For the full experience, have someone record your performance and tag the relevant info using the Tracker. Your game just went up a few notches.

The RoboKeeper

The RoboKeeper is, essentially, a robot that tracks your kicks, and simply defends the goal with a cartoon cutout. While this thing looks like something you would find at a fair to entertain the kids (and, for the most part, it is), suffice it to say that Lionel Messi has tried his luck back in 2013, and the RoboKeeper did its job splendidly. Messi couldn’t score, and neither could Neymar or Ronaldihno. It is not commercially available, as far as we know, though there are several similar projects that you can look into if you want to use a training machine with these capabilities.

Low-Tech Gadgets

While these are not machines, devices, robots, or anything that can give you any type of digital information, they are still valuable training tools or gag gifts you will enjoy. Free kick dummies, finger football games, and a sea of football-themed merchandise and toys are waiting for you.

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