Where do People Bet on Football?

We are in the 21st century and, because of that, there is no need to go to betting houses (unless that’s your thing). You can now bet wherever you are, from your smartphone, using 888sport Bonus Code India. But the question is: where should you bet? There are countless websites and apps out there that offer different kinds of options and various levels of security, so how can we possibly choose? Luckily, we don’t need to stress out about this, we can just look up which sites are the most popular for betting on football.

We must underline that, while we are listing sites that are the most popular for betting on football, you should bet responsibly, and only after you have done at least some research on these sites/apps before you deposit your money. Better safe than sorry.


One of the most popular betting sites, generally speaking, is 888Sport. It has live betting, special offers you can (and should) follow, as well as a blog. You can follow different teams, countries, and leagues. It’s good because it lets you bet in-play and withdraw your cash early. The User Agreement is pretty understandable, and the company is very clear how they feel about spyware and issues with getting disconnected.


What separates betway form the rest of online betting sites/apps is the fact that you can choose your type of bonus when signing up with them. You can either win up to 30 pounds ($37) of free bets, or up to 1000 pounds as a welcome bonus. Both of these, however, are only available to newcomers and under certain conditions, so read the agreement carefully.

When it comes to football, you can choose the winner, as well as bet on the number of goals scored during a game. There is also the option of betting on both teams scoring and combining that, if you so choose, with the winner of the match for higher winnings.


10bet accepts eleven different forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, and Skrill. Football is not the only game they track, far from it. They will give you the option of push notifications, which you can use to find out more about upcoming matches. Make sure you check out their promotions since they are nothing to laugh about. For those that enjoy casino games, there are tons of promotions there, as well.


BetOnline has something few online betting sites have – the option to bet using BitCoin. You can use one of four types of bets: the Straight Bet, the Parlay & Robin, IF Bet and Reverse, and Teaser & Pleaser. You can even customize you bet on a player’s performance, for which you will be given comprehensive odds.

You can bet early and withdraw your money 48 hours after the game, which is pretty quick. As all betting sites, it has the Responsible Betting section, rules, and FAQ. They are active on Instagram and Twitter.

A Few Things to Remember

Always read the policies and requirements for placing a bet. Sometimes, there are restrictions based on your location and the type of bet you wish to place. Digging some precious info on your site of choice is a great way to keep you and your funds safe. Bet responsibly and with a cool head.

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