Which Platform Is the Best for Sports Games?

We enjoy games, especially if they involve sports. Because who doesn’t love sports?! We love watching the streams, using the Бонус Код bet365, and, really, when it comes to video games, the ability to play alongside your idols and superstars is a big selling point for some games – my wife enjoys Virtua Tennis 3 and 4 because she can play matches against Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Maria Sharapova. If only things there were no console wars.

Sometimes, people favor a particular gaming system. It can happen due to nostalgia, or the exclusive titles, but, most commonly, it is a matter of personal preference and the inability to grasp that there are those who prefer the alternatives. Let’s put this question to bed – here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports games on different platforms.


The most popular platforms for football games were Nintendo and PS1, once. In fact, the FIFA series began as a game for DOS, Sega consoles and SNES. There are several reasons why people choose to play sports games using controllers.

First of all, the control of the players is much more intuitive than strategic. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly, without trying to find the right key for a particular function. Another feature is that the joypads are usually ergonomic, which means that you can play while comfortably sitting back in your chair. The critics argue that joypads are also available for PCs, and they are not wrong. With a little bit of calibration, you are ready to take on anyone.

Handheld Consoles

They were designed for gaming on the go. If you still want to play games that are exclusive to your favorite company’s platforms while, for example, you are on a camping trip, handheld consoles, like Nintendo Switch, are your best bet. The downside is that they are usually behind graphics-wise when compared to other platforms. The controls are still easy to handle, though these consoles may feel clunky in your hand. It also doesn’t help if you are like me and like to wave your joypad around while you play.


Desktop gaming is doing alright with sports, though it is more suited for other genres of games, like strategies and FPS. They offer, arguably, the best graphics and the best performance, with the least amount of loading time. Unless you have a USB joypad, prepare yourself for the possibility of developing carpal tunnel syndrome – the keyboard and mouse make sports gaming possible, but far from optimal.

Mobile Gaming

Some might completely dismiss this one. After all, the screen is smaller than you would find even among handheld consoles, and the controls are limited to you tapping and swiping the screen. That being said, the saving grace of this platform is the fact that it’s versatile almost as much as desktop computers in terms of the ability to download and run your favorite games. In fact, many modern games include a mobile variant, with graphics and controls brought down a bit for a better experience.

So, Which Is It?

This debate has become somewhat meaningless, since many games, like the aforementioned FIFA series, are available on several platforms, and some even allow cross-platform playing. We must still say that it boils down to what you enjoy the most. If you’re on the go, try out handheld consoles. Don’t feel like spending that kind of money? Stick to mobile gaming. If, however, you want to enjoy sports games fully and make an evening of it, consoles beat desktop computers by a hair.

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